November Nonprofit Spotlight:

We are excited to announce that SNA Today will be donating $200 to… Alliance for Children

Alliance for Children is focused on equipping young children for success by advocating and investing in efforts that strengthen their health, education, and emotional development; contributing to Union County’s sustained economic vitality in a globally competitive world.

At a Glance:

  • Achieves substantial outcomes for young children through collaboration, innovation and facilitation of coordinated services and policies that provide a springboard to success.
  • Recognizes the prime roles of parents and other caregivers in their children’s lives by providing programmatic and other support to their efforts.
  • Educates the community on both the importance of meeting the needs of young children and its impact of the issue on the future of the county.
  • Expands and diversifies the revenue base supporting early education efforts by aggressively identifying, pursuing and acquiring private, foundation and other dollars.
  • Provides full accountability and transparency for the use of the funds with which we are entrusted.
  • Administers Smart Start and NC Pre-K state funds locally and directing those dollars to programs that measurably strengthen Union County’s children and families.
  • Ensures the governance is conducted by a knowledgeable and diverse Board that actively engages in those matters coming before it and makes changes if investments are not having their desired impact.

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